First Page of Trapped in a World of Coloring

page 1

Once upon a time in Oregon, there were two sisters. Emily was 9 years old and Madeline was 7. They lived in a one story house that was mint green had a big pine tree in it’s front yard. It was Sunday which meant the sisters and their mom had to do their shopping for the week. Madeline had brought her allowance with her so she could buy something at the toy store. She had $4.27. After all the shopping was done, the family went to the toy store so Madeline could pick out what to buy….



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My First Post……


once upon a time

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m working on one of my first stories for this. It’s about two girls who get sucked into a coloring book and try many things to get out. I’m only on the second page and don’t know exactly when I’ll be done but I think in probably a few days. Hope you enjoy my blog!

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